Your skin and health are your wealth, and why that matters for you as an entrepreneur!

By Aldrin-David Verburgt

We all have heard or read, probably more than once, that protecting our skin from the sun is important. But do we actually protect our skin with a sunscreen on a regular basis? Most of us only use it when we find us ourselves on a tropical island or on the beach on a very hot day. We all love the warm sun rays touching our skin. Although culturally it is diverse, most people actually like that beautiful bronzed skin or tanned look. Now you may ask, who cares and why should this matter to me as an entrepreneur?

In our entrepreneurial journey we need to understand that investing in ourselves and our company is important. We do this to strengthen our position in the market and to grow our companies’ success.

Do not forget that we as entrepreneurs are our own brands, we represent our company.

 “In business looking good, healthy and well taken care of is a necessity, not a luxury.”

What do we do to actually look good and feel good, to be healthy? What do we know about the skin?

The skin helps us to be aware of our surroundings, interact, feel and experience life and people, therefore understanding how the sun impacts us is key. Whether you are on stage performing or presenting to people, whether you are a coach and deal with business, your first impression will determine your success in business.

Did you know that the change of colour on our skin is a physiological process that happens within our skin? Due to the sunlight exposure our skin starts to form extra melanin D which causes the natural pigments in our skin to get darker. This is actually a natural protective mechanism of our body to protect itself. The more pigments we have naturally, the longer we are able to be exposed to sun rays.

Sunlight has several more good qualities. Sunlight is responsible for good mood, people are happier when the sun shines, the production of vitamin D is stimulated and it helps certain skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema to be more controllable and act up less severe compared to colder seasons or when exposed to more stress. Vitamin D is required in our body mainly for healthy bones and muscles and to support our immune system.

Unfortunately, this is far enough from the protection that we need.

Sunscreen protects your skin

Sunscreen protects your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet, UV, rays. There are two types of UV rays, known as UVA and UVB, that trigger harmful changes in our skin. When we get sunburn, the top layers of the skin will usually heal themselves within days up to a week, depending on the severeness of the sunburn. The skin recovers from redness, sensitivity and pain but damage that has been done in deeper layers of our skin are permanent. This will result in premature skin-ageing. This is why everyone, regardless of the colour of the skin, should protect their skin by applying sunscreen. This is a recommendation by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

As an entrepreneur, your lifestyle is important, and when you have business meetings outside for lunch, make sure that you use sunscreen to protect your hands and face in particular. A good sunscreen needs to offer a broad spectrum of UVA and UVB protection with preferably SPF 30 or higher and is water-resistant. Therefore, it is of great importance to use a broad-spectrum protection and at least an SPF 30 because this is the only tool to help us reduce the appearance of premature skin ageing and decrease the risk of skin cancer. Too much intense exposure to the sun, UV-radiation, will cause sunburn, early signs of ageing such as wrinkles, dark spots and the added risk of developing skin cancer.

 “Radiant health is our new defined health!”

For example, both in the USA and in the Netherlands 1 out of 5 people will deal with skin cancer at some point. In Australia estimates are 2 out of 3 people will be diagnosed before the age of 70. Those rates are very high. Nowadays we have more knowledge and access to get the protection that we need for our skin.

This is why sunscreen is the most important skincare product during the summer, during a vacation or when living in a climate where there is sun all year round. We don’t realise it, but we are exposed to UV-radiation all year round even when you live in four seasons. In the summer there’s a different intensity than in winter. Even per day the intensity differs. The sun’s radiation is the brightest between 12 and 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Ideally advice would be not to go sunbathing during that time.

Unfortunately, during springtime the most damage is done, specifically to our face and hands.  That is the reason why premature ageing is visible first on our face and hands. Some even say that our hands reveal our true age. There’s truth to that. Just like our face they are always exposed to sunlight and therefore also the UVA/B radiation. We dress ourselves from head to toe which automatically protect the covered body parts, except for the body parts that make up so much of our being and that we identify our unique selves with; face and hands. For women, due to fashion, their cleavage as well.

Truth to be told, we should absolutely enjoy the sun for all the good benefits but be careful and sometimes also be cautious.

It is all about protection of the skin! There will still be sun rays coming through. UV-B radiation will trigger the development of Melanin B in our skin, which we recognise  as ‘tanning’.

Needless to say that it is literally a ‘Red Flag’ when the skin turns red!

This is called sunburn, which means that we have been exposed to sun radiation for far too long. The skin’s top layer, the epidermis feels dry, tight, itchy, is very sensitive and can be very painful depending on the severeness of the sunburn. Sometimes even signs of fever can occur. Therefore, this also limits your movability because of the skin’s obvious discomfort.

Aloe Vera is one of nature’s solutions to soothe and relief the skin when sunburnt.

In the dermis and hypodermis, the deeper skin layers, damage done by UV-A radiation has caused a disturbance in the cell production. This triggers premature ageing, pigmentation spots to develop and every time we get sunburnt it increases the chance of melanoma. Skin cancer risks increase as we age, which is likely due to accumulated exposure to UV-radiation.

Let us be good and protective over our skin, after all … it is our biggest organ of the body. None of us would feel comfortable when our skin is out of balance.

Looking professional and having a personalised look is very important to succeed, as is wearing the proper attire for the business occasion. A healthy-looking skin is equally important! Not just to understand our skin, our hair and how to take care of ourselves but to ‘Dress our Face for Success’, while staying the authentic YOU!

In conducting business, we look each other straight in the eyes. On an unconscious level we pick up every sign of physical health and attractive behaviour and we interpret this as being successful. We all want to do business with a partner that’s successful or has the potential to be successful so our business through collaboration can thrive. The very same thing we desire in our personal lives with whom we want to surround ourselves with!

There is so much more than meets the eye. Remember that our eyes and the skin of our face reveals everything about our physical health. Just like we want our business to be healthy and thus successful, so needs to be our physique.

“A Sound Mind in a Healthy Body Equals Success!”

As an entrepreneur we want to enhance our looks, dress well and use tools like make up that bring out the best in us, because we have been selling ourselves since the day we are born. Understand that when it comes to products for your skin, some brands offer special formulated foundations and sun powders to use specifically in the summer or during holidays or sunny tropical destinations. Not only for sunbathing during sunny days when we are outside most of the time but there are also specially formulated SPF’s for daily use that are designed to use additionally of our skincare and hand creams with a SPF as well.

Even for hair there are special formulated products ranging from shampoo, masks, cremes, oils and sprays with a high protection formula to sensitive, long, coloured, chemically treated hair and even hair-extensions.

We can only make a good impression once … let’s make it impeccable!

Let’s make this radiant good impression last in our physique!