VIP Photography & Film crew Services

Because so many entrepreneurs feel they are unable to portrait themselves at their best, they often hold back. They fear their lack of high quality photos and videos will make them look unprofessional. This branding service will help you within a few weeks to get your highly personal and top quality shots which will turn your features into the best ever of yourself.

You can easily travel to our key locations where our VIP Photographer Gabor Dobos will make sure your photos will be phenomenal. Our VIP Stylist can help upgrade your personality with the right haircut and makeup. Unlike traditional branding programs you do not have to search for a photographer that might not deliver the quality that is needed for a printed magazine. Even an online magazine will highlight your personality and business with professional photos – beyond imagination. Besides that, our experts can create for your branding videos at highly representative locations.

Our branding services offer a variety of opportunities to improve the visibility of you:

  • Photos of you on stage, at meetings, in studio or even in travelling situations. Those shots are valued way beyond 12.485 EUR.
  • High quality Videos of your Biography with multiple camera shots. Their value starts at 49.549 EUR and reaches astronomical 500.000 EUR
  • Drone videos of locations or action scenes to boost the dynamics of your public profile will often excel at values of over 1.295.000 EUR.
  • VIP Styling by the stylist who prepared Celebrities such as Charlie Sheen before stage. Depending on the different services a day with our styling authority will be valued way above 29.574 EUR

The cost of successfully expanding your brand visibility …

Reconsider this:

What would it be worth for you to be so successfully branded that even before you launch a new product people want to buy it? Yes that is what we call brand insistence. This is what will drive your sales and make it much easier to refinance a new product or business idea? From our experience, we used such high quality services to increase the power of our branding. It is not good to hassle around by taking snapshots with a $25 camera expecting to get the result that a professional VIP photographer has at hand.

That is why Business Booster today Magazine partnered up with Gabor Dobos, as you will receive high quality photography with our phenomenal deal. You do not need to go to a hairdresser to get a haircut that will mess up your 10 Star photos. We have created the easy and pain free solution to your branding needs. People will adore and love your brand for its professionalism.