Skills for Living and Choosing Happiness

By Kirstie Shapiro

It is quoted that John Lennon when asked in school by his teacher what he wanted to be when he grew up, his reply was “Happy”. Isn’t that what we all truly want beneath all the facades of power, ownership, consumerism and domination, we all think that those things will bring us happiness. That somehow,…

Why you need to design your exit strategy

By Christian Bartsch

An entrepreneur usually starts his business with the desire to be independent. People who worked in the corporate environment tend to leave at a certain point in their career. They take with them the corporate style of business.

After a time they notice that this knowledge is not sufficient to scale their business to the next level. They become stuck and build up a frustration that can even lead to a negative mindset. That is where coaching helps entrepreneurs get unstuck and remove the negative energy that makes them eventually sick.