Your success in sales is determined by your ability to close the deals

By Philip Semmelroth

If you want to make money, you must launch fast. The founder of Linkedin – Reid Hoffmann – once said: “If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.” However, the reason why I wanted to point this out to you is because when it comes to sales people never keep an eye on how much time did they invest to get a deal. That’s why I find a lot of potential to improve results for companies because it starts with making sure you talk to the right customer.

Andrea Beil

By Sue Baumgaertner-Bartsch

Her passion to help people uncover their hidden barriers, creating their breakthroughs and support them to integrate the new insights into their system is her driving force. Andrea deeply believes, that every person has the ability to create a life they desire and deserve a unique solution.
Your mindset defines your success!

Business Growth Fundamentals – Porter’s 5 Forces

By Mona Tenjo

Are you wondering, why some industries just make more money than others? Are you wondering how you can also make more money in your industry? Read on to find out how to identify a good market with high profit margins. Michael D. Porter, a Harvard professor, invented and published the “Porter’s Five Forces” model in…

Be enthusiastic about your business but keep a watchful eye on the road ahead

By Christian Bartsch

  Business Info & Preferences: Name of the business: Telemedia Interactive GmbH Business Owners: Andreas Gnam  and Eva Gnam Website:   1. What is your business all about? Telemedia Interactive GmbH is a Service provider for interactive phone services and direct response services. Interactive phone services are text messaging, phone voting, voice personal messaging, Mobile entertaining…