The mindset of success: Tip 2 Change your map

By Erwin Wils

This means everyone has their own version of the same reality, or their own map of the same area. All information you’re receiving every second gets filtered, tested against your own values, beliefs, experiences and eventually a small part of that input gets through to your consciousness. Each second, we’re receiving at least 11 million stimuli that our subconscious processes. On average, only 60 stimuli get through to our conscious, and those 60 we use to build our reality. So, what you see is not the real; it’s your interpretation of the real.

8 Wisdom Secrets to Win the Game of Life & Business

By Vikas Malkani

As a global entrepreneur on the path to success, your life and business will have highs and lows, encounter challenges and opportunities, experience profit and loss, and meet both supporters and detractors. It is wise to develop a strategy that empowers you to enjoy your wealth with happiness, to create success without stress and to…

The Mindset of Success

By Erwin Wils

We are habitual people. If we want different results, we need to start doing things differently. In this series I’ll share tips that you can apply to your own life and start changing from within. Tip 1: Make mistakes When you were young, it was normal to make mistakes. You didn’t know anything yet, so…