Success masks – be yourself and gain wealth!

By Sue Baumgaertner-Bartsch

Short Biography : Plange Katharina

Katharina is the world-class demasking coach that brings people´s lives to the next level so that they can create and live a successful and happy life without limits. Katharina has over 20 years of experience in working with people on a professional level in international corporations of all sizes as well as on an individual level.

During her different assignments as Manager for Projects, Sales and Internal Communication, Katharina mastered her ability to understand the different needs of staff, management and clients regarding different cultures, attitudes, aptitudes and education. The individual and the personal needs were and are always of paramount importance to her.

After experiencing a stress-induced paralysis, Katharina left her corporate career behind. Acting in different roles and feeling deep inside in another way at the same time made her put on her success masks. As she was not capable of reading the signs, her body reacted with a sudden and alarming disease. Katharina left her comfort zone to take off her success masks and to gain back her HEALTH, her AUTHENTICITY, her INTEGRITY, her HAPPINESS and her LOVE FOR HERSELF.

The point in time when she inside corresponded again with her way of expressing herself was such a great moment that she decided to help others stop functioning and start living and to be capable to feel the same way she felt from then on. This was the moment when “Success masks – Be yourself and gain wealth” came to life.

Over the years, Katharina accompanied many individuals, who were willing to CHANGE their lives and wanted to become who they really are. During her coaching, she experienced that many of her clients suffer from the inheritance of war generation drama, which they barely knew. Therefore, she broadened her expertise to dissolve not only negative imprints but to feel completely free of any pressure of the inherited past. Katharina´s approach is to work on success patterns instead of problem patterns.

Her EXPERTISE, her INTUITION, and her constant MOTIVATION walked her clients through the transformational process. Katharina is passionate about her clients and she knows that her work with them makes a huge difference in their lives as well as a huge impact on the results they are producing, which means upgrading health, wealth and successful happiness.

Her clients realized that their successful life was not always a happy life but a happy life is always a successful life.


Personal Info & Preferences:

Name & Surname: Plange Katharina
Age: 44
Country: Austria
Title: Life success strategist, International speaker & Demasking coach
Facebook page:


Give us a brief background of what you do?

As a demasking coach, I specialize in coaching people who only function to win the daily rat race not living the life they want and deserve. I help my clients release their blockages and gain emotional freedom so that they can become who they really are and find out what they really want so that they can be happier, wealthier, more successful and even more fulfilled.
The cool thing about being coached by me is that my clients will feel immediate relief and pleasure at the same time. Once they start the process they realize how easy it is to get over all the things that held them back in the past.

As in international speaker, I inspire people that whatever is important to them, they can get it. But first they have to get rid of everything which holds them back, all the negative believes and the pressure of the inherited past. It is never too late to do something incredible, to change and leave the comfort zone.

What are the key factors that got you to where you are today?

For many years I was very successful in corporate, I had money, I had bonuses, I had stocks and I had recognition. In short, on the outside, I had it all. But my inside was filled with many negative emotions from the past. Over the years I became an expert in putting on success masks and nobody realized that. To make a long story short my body sent me several signs and I did not understand them until I got a half body paralysis. Today I can say this was one of the greatest gifts because that was the moment when I decided to change my whole life. I left corporate and started solving all my emotional blockages. The minute I left the office for the last time was the moment my paralysis had gone. First, I was very scared because I had no idea who I really was. All my masks were gone. I got to know me. The very first time when my inside feelings and my outside expression matched was so fantastic that I made it to my mission to help my clients feel the same. Because being authentic is the basis for every fulfilled and successful life.

What is the key thing you want people to know about you?

In today´s world, we are raised to be adjusted, to meet the rules and expectations of others. If that does not match with our inner feelings we start to put on success masks to avoid being vulnerable. That is the moment where we start to disconnect ourselves from our emotions and sooner or later we live a life we never wanted to. We just function to win the daily rat race and all our visions and dreams have gone. That is not what life is meant to be. Whatever is important to us we can get it. I walked the path of change and now I know that everyone can be happy and successful at the same time and I want everyone to experience that. The most important thing is that I always thought I can live my life without solving my problems from the past but as our unconscious stores everything there will come the time when it is too much and everything will break out to be solved. So please get rid of your negative emotions from the past before something really bad happens and start living the life of your visions.

What motivated you to become an entrepreneur?

Everything I coach today I have experienced myself. I am passionate about my clients and I know that my work with them makes a huge impact on their lives and their goals. I walk my clients through their personal battlefield and sometimes it only needs one session for a deep change. It is important to know that we work on healthy patterns instead of problem patterns which means it is not like psychotherapy that you have to experience all your negative situations again. We only need your negative emotion and transform it into the positive. Yes, it is really that simple.

What have been some of your greatest successes or achievements?

One of my greatest successes is my being healthy again. Within the last years my whole life changed, new positive friends, freedom with my childhood and my family, self-confidence, self-love, positive thinking, laughing and of course living my passion.

But I want to mention one of my success stories with a client. An 80-year-old woman, who survived the 2nd world war, terrible family constellations, a lot of hate, violence, diseases and so on. She wanted to be coached because she understood that the inheritance of the past generation is enormous and she wanted to solve her problems so that her children and grandchildren can live a life without any pressure of the inherited past. After several coaching sessions, the relationship within her family changed to the positive, she is now a very sensitive and open-minded person. No more secrets, no more walls, no more masks. She is another person, no longer being haggard but full of love and up to now, cancer has not come back.

How do you overcome rejection?

Rejection is always a topic in people´s mind but if you reframe it then you will understand that every rejection is a chance to grow. I always try not to take things personally because I cannot read other people’s minds. And I do a lot of meditation to free myself. There is a very good saying: “Worrying means causing problems.” If I do not find a solution, my husband, my mentor or any of my coaches will help me out so that I cannot get into the position of being a victim.

I am not the woman who is perfect now. I still have to overcome negative feelings. The difference now is that I realize it and I can react in a different way than years ago. Sometimes I am full of anger or fear but I know what to do or where to go. We are all growing as long as we are on this earth. Rejection only means No, which means not enough information for a yes right now. So, find out what is needed to become a yes.

Is there such a thing as work-life-balance and if so, does it matter to you?

Work-life balance is absolutely necessary for me. I want to have time for my kids and my husband but what changed is that coaching is my passion, not my job. Therefore, it is not exhausting for me and I am not waiting for the weekend or my vacation to come. My kids and my husband support me in my work, they know that Saturdays and Sundays are sometimes workdays but that is okay because there are other times when I am only here for my family. My coaching is my life task. And my mission is to help people live happier, wealthier, more successful and even more fulfilled. This is my contribution to make the world a better place.

What is your favorite quote and explain why?

A successful life is not always a happy life, but a happy life is definitely always successful.

Many people think that success means having a lot of money and material goods. That was exactly what I thought years ago. I showed everyone what I have, I wanted people to be jealous. The only thing I was interested in was money, a perfect reputation and being featured in the news. But when I achieved it, when I was on the top, I was not happy at all. So, the big difference is, if you have emotional freedom if you think positive and take 100% responsibility for your life than you stop being a victim, blaming each and every one for your faith. And that is the point where your decisions come from your heart, not your mind. If you stop fighting, you will start living in the flow of life. As soon as you love yourself and have your self-esteem back then you are so relaxed that people will feel it and then success will come to you.