Orsi B Nagy

(Easter Europe Editor)

Orsi B Nagy is a serial entrepreneur, Business Strategist, Speaker and Founder of Mega Success Expo.

As a business strategist, she has one goal – to make your organization run more efficiently, saving you and your company time and money. She has over 8+ years of experience in setting up business systems and processes for UK’s main transport national, international companies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs.

She offers assistance to businesses of all levels and all sizes. Orsi has taken a particular interest in how to build personal and company brand using social media and very passionate about educating business owners, businesses, and graduates on how to start building their own personal brands with the latest online platforms.

Orsi believes that continuous learning is the key element of being successful. Living in the UK for over 16 years allowed her to expand her business knowledge and experience. In 2017 With her partner, Orsi founded Mega Success Expo, a business conference that provides unfiltered business knowledge to Eastern Europe.

If you want to find out more about Orsi: https://www.meetorsibnagy.com/english