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  • Benefit 1

    Your portrait photo and company logo is displayed with a short biography in your personal author’s profile page. The profile page will attract leads. This will help your media credibility.

  • Benefit 2

    Our easy guide leads you to writing great content. This builds trust with your audience, as you write about your niche & business activities. This is not a time consuming assignment. It is your shortcut to branding.

  • Benefit 3

    We let you easily connect with people who want to do business with you. Links to your Website, Facebook Fanpage and LinkedIn profile will also be included.

  • Benefit #4

    Are you using your network of contacts to generate sales? Having the right strategy will reduce the stress of approach them. Start getting the right introductions. Our events will help.

  • Benefit #5

    You have got media logos, press releases or other media coverage from the past? Until now they were no ROI? You will soon turn them into cash generators, too! We will guide you.

  • Benefit #6

    Increase your media reach with our multiple platforms of distribution. Online, in syndication or in our app. We can even help you get into the print magazine.

Attract quality leads that will buy from you

Because some entrepreneurs are working on growing their business but keep getting false news & information, we created this easy platform to empower entrepreneurial people around the world. This digital subscription will allow you to gain access to expertise that will advance your business. It will help your entrepreneurial activities transform as you have fresh knowledge at hand.

Unlike traditional magazines you do will not be confronted with strange jargon and fake news written by people who are not business owners.

You do not repeatedly pay high prices each month to get access to articles that will not improve, expand or even help you reach your objectives. Besides that, you get from us access to a variety of additional guides to help easily expand your press activities, compared to what a mainstream magazine publisher just can’t provide.


Our magazine service offers great value for your money:


  • Advantage #1: You will find high quality content associated with great celebrities and brands.
  • Advantage #2: This content provides you access to knowhow you can use to bypass larger competitors.
  • Advantage #3: The guides in the magazine will help you attract quality leads for you.
  • Advantage #4: When you apply the tips explained in the articles then you can expand your financial outcome.
  • Advantage #5: People doing business with you, want that you are well informed.
  • Advantage #6: Do you want to know how to raise your profitability? Then read our magazine.
  • Advantage #7: Your leads will be less resistant to closing a deal with you. Apply top sales strategies.
  • Advantage #8: Understand how to use this magazine's branding to increase the conversion of your pages.
  • Advantage #9: You will get access to business events around the world with a greater chance of success.
  • Advantage #10: You will boost your success as only the Top 1% of entrepreneurs increases their wealth with branding.

It is impossible for you to be successful, too?

How about looking at these 7 reality checks to find out your chances of success?

  • You are using the outdated knowledge you got told at university? That stuff is burning your money! We will provide you the knowledge that will empower you to take your business to the next level!!
  • The worst mistake of a business owner, that will keep him struggling to survive and will make him miserable? The entrepreneur without branding has no chance of leaving a legacy as he remains broke. Hardly any business coach will address this!
  • 87% of all burned marketing budgets are related to a false approach to sales, marketing, branding or business strategy. Learn from entrepreneurs who have done it, instead of continuing being stuck in an artificial job.
  • The media will not want you to have this knowledge as their readers do not care about you. We want you to succeed in business. Entrepreneurs have a mission. Its not about making money. Its about changing lives. The money will come to you with the success results you create for your clients.
  • Gain an insight into the best ways to grow your business into a sustainable venture faster. Avoid spending your reserves on products that have no impact on you achieving your success
  • Make use of the knowledge provided to expand your business into other regions. Find partners and suppliers or even identify the business model you want and buy into that franchise.
  • If you do not invest in the right mind feeding, you will continue to feed your money down the drain. You haven't got endless time to get this right!
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The cost of successfully expanding your business success …

Reconsider this ...

What would it be worth for you to be so successful that even before you launch a new product people want to buy it? Yes, that is what we call brand insistence based on a sound business strategy. This is what will make it much easier to refinance a new business idea. It will shorten the time you need to rach break even as sales get started fatser and reach beyond the projected profitability mark. From our experience, we used such insight to increase the power of our business activities. It is not good to continue to hassle with a business that has no significance to customers expecting to get the result that a mind feeding entrepreneur has at hand.

That is why innovative coaches partnered up with the global Business Booster Today Magazine. You will receive the opportunity to gain media credibility with this phenomenal deal. You do not need to go to a SEO expert that buys fake likes and gets you a google penalty for being part of a criminal link farm. We have created the easy and pain free solution to your branding needs. People will adore and love your brand for its professionalism.

Alternatively you can engage an international branding agency. They can help you too to get noticed by the media but at what cost and value? You might have to hassle around until you get what you really desire. The process might take months. Lots of people will be involved and not much will get done. That is not such an issue if you are a large corporation as their approval workflows are slow and therefore everybody is used to waiting for the next segment. A massive branding campaign might cost you easily $800,000. Make a set of professional 30 minute image videos with awesome scenery then you will sky rocket into a budget of $7 million.

You can still continue to go in circles hoping to be discovered by Hollywood but that will not make you a happy entrepreneur. Successful people take action. They invest in business education, branding, and media skills the way it should be. They don’t go to a web designer to get an overpriced and useless website when they want to be successful in business. Shakers and movers do not want to be depressed looking at their empty bank account. That is why the right branding activities are an important success element for reaching the right audience.

The value proposition of our branding service can even help you to get in touch with some of the most awesome celebrities in Hollywood.

Nevertheless, we want you to succeed in business and therefore constantly work smart to upscale the value of our branding and marketing opportunities. The value of our branding product goes beyond what some top notch branding agencies are charging. We want to make it affordable for entrepreneurs while keeping this service an exclusive high quality opportunity for those who take action, now! We belief in your ability to get your message out there and therefore we are looking to getting to know you.

I am offering you only for a limited time a lifetime access of this product for a one-time payment of mere 29.97 instead of the regular price of 99.00!

The price tag is extremely small compared to the value of the future life it can help you achieve.

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This offer comes with a great bonus for you ...

  • Bonus #1

    Expand your visibility in the press by getting access to our shortcut strategies. Get our PR online program included for free! Save lots of $$$$$$

  • Bonus #2

    Listen to strategies and guides on how to gain more time for mind feeding and quality of life while your business continues to grow.

  • Bonus #3

    Gain access to our networking platform that lets you easily connect with people who want to do business with you. Limited tickets to super events available for action takers!

Bonus #1

Get this fantastic Bonus now …

Once you have your feature online, it is time to get the message out into the world. You do not want to have to pay millions to a PR agency just to send out every month a 300 word press release?

You will get access to our press release online program which has a value of over 5000.- and will save you thousands in the future. Public relations takes time to build. We make this an easy process. This is no rocket science and requires no PhD!

This course will offer you: The explained strategies in the course support your PR efforts and builds up your media credibility. People want to connect emotionally with you before actively engaging in a business negotiation. How do you get people to trust you and to be willing to pay for the true value you are providing?

Bonus #2

It gets even better …

You chose a life as entrepreneur because you do not want to be stuck in a 9-5 rat race making someone else rich. You want to build and expand your business so that you have more time to enjoy your success.

You will get access to our business automation secrets program which has a value of over 6000.- as it provide you an understanding why automation and organized structures allow you to avoid having to do the low paid work.  This is not a programming or robotics universitiy course!

This strategy insight will offer you: The opportunities for efficiency improvements in different businesses areas are highlighted. The strategies for lowering cost, labour intensive activities and time consumption are laid out on an easy to understand way. Your will gain an insight on how to avoid costly mistakes and choose an affordable route to regaining your life.

Bonus #3

Now I am going to buy this now …

As you grow your media credibility new opportunities will come towards you. Then you will need reliable business partners and suppliers. Start networking on a global scale. Let others know what you have to offer. Get access to exclusing areas where branded people have greater posibilities to increase their networth as their network grows.

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Check Out What Other People Are Saying About This

Testimonial by Marina & Louis Kotze

They live in Pretoria South Africa.

They are authors and online marketers: Marina is a occupational therapist and book author. Louis is a qualified journalist and editor with over ten years' experience and worked in Japan, too.

They have published several health & marketing related articles in the online and print edition of our magazine.

Testimonial by Sam Komeha

Sam lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA.

He is the founder of several companies (SK Silver LLC. SK Auto Service Tags LLC, Auto Smart Deals LLC).

He has published several automotive related articles in the online and print edition of our magazine.

Testimonial by Radka Sillerova

She lives in Nürnberg (Germany) and has her bag manufacturing in Prague (Czech Republic).

Radka is the so called bag lady who designs her unique bags. Even Actor Charlie Sheen got from her personally a unique bag.

Testimonial by Shadeska Nicolina

Shadeska lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Shadeska is a chartered accountant, passive wealth coach and international speaker.

Testimonial by Mona Tenjo

Mona Tenjo lives in Heidelberg (Germany)

She is the creator of the Strategic Management Consulting respectStrategy and has been coached by the BBT editors to get her products visible in the market by using branding, story telling and PR marketing.

She has published several strategy related articles in the online and print edition of our magazine.

Testimonial by Cristina Stavenski

Christina lives in Martigny, Valais, Switzerland.

Cristina Stavenski is a serial entrepreneur and international speaker, co-author with Raúl Sanchez of the first book on Slow Philosophy.

Quote from Cristina about our coaching: "Thank you Christian and Sue to give people the unique chance for our target market to read about us"

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Branding and Marketing does not cost you money,
it makes you money!

You know how exited we are that you are considering to enjoy the high quality content that the Business Booster Today Magazine offers you. We are so convinced that this will be one of the key elements boosting you business activities. Other entrepreneurs before have gone the same path as you will go with us and they love every part of this phenomenal experience.

Should the online feature not be to your liking or any other reason (even if you dislike your account manager’s colour of hair) then write us a short email within 60 days of ordering the service and we will refund you the fees for accessing this magazine service. We will not require you to fill in a complicated form before a refund is done. We will also remove your access to the particular service and all associated material.

We couldn’t offer you this guarantee if we were not convinced that this package will help your competitive advantage. This is a unique opportunity to expand your entrepreneurial success. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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Your Magazines will be available for instant download after payment

Christian Bartsch, Publisher & Founder of BBT:

"Branding is an evolving process that grows like a plant. Be proactive and authentic! You will enjoy the fruits of media visibility"

You have now 3 options how to proceed from here:

1. You can close this webpage, continue on Monday paying for fake news and incorrect knowledge in search engines and directories, lose attractive business opportunities to your less successful competitors, gradually lose market share as newcomers continue to grow, be forced by clients to drop your prices to a painful low, work like crazy day and night just to achieve a meager outcome in your business and eventually earn less than the minimum income of any worker, so that your frustration makes your life feel like a nightmare. This is the only life you have and you can make use of it, so to be forced into working for your customers for a pittance and that for your next 40 years.

2. You can listen to unrealistic promises from branding agents that will not help your branding or provide the necessary growth a sustainable business needs. You can attempt to write a blog nobody reads or post on social media images of cars you can’t afford. Some people might fall for such fake visibility but it will not provide you the media credibility to get top clients who are willing to treat you in a decent way. That approach might still be by far better than option #1, because you are not willing to quit. Nevertheless, you will continue to remain in the tedious rat race, as you will be forced to push the rock up the steep mountain day by day … until you will eventually quit. Only when you quit, you have failed!

3. You can take action, now! As you have recognized, you are not at risk due to my guaranty. You know that this will work out for you, because I have proven it to you and you know that it will work. You have now all the knowledge you require to take the right decision and you now only need to have the courage to decide here and now. With the help of this opportunity you will improve your income within a few weeks and will enjoy your improved revenue within half a year. From then on, your confidence will elevate to successfully pitch for opportunities at much higher profitability levels. I can guarantee this based on my own experience, that your life will be much more satisfying and successful, even in times when you have to hassle like crazy to achieve your goals. The reason for this improvement is that you are no longer chasing the money. You are doing this for yourself and your loved ones and those who you care about! I am sure you know now what the best way to proceed.

Sue Baumgaertner-Bartsch, VP & Founder of BBT:

"Branding brings out the best in you. Be passionate about your vision and mission! You will take your business to the next level!"

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Questions and Answers

Many clients ask these questions:

Q: How long will my subscription last?
A: Your subscription will be billed once every year.

Q: If I don't have an iPad or tablet, can I read this on a different device?
A: You can read this also on a computer.

Q: Can I upgrade later on, if I decide to add stuff later on?
A: You can upgrade your package at any time in the future!

Q: Some people claim branding will not help me?
A: Top brands use celebrities, magazine articles and PR. If it helps them, it will help you, too.

Q: How do i cancel my subscription?
A: you can do it via our online service or via email.

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