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Short Biography : Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt

Have a problem with ‘No’? No just means they don’t know, says UnstoppableTracy. No personal or business crisis is too big for Unstoppable Tracy. Imagine this:

  • 20s climbed the world’s largest Himalayan Mountains, captained several 110-foot tall ships and worked in developing countries like Uganda, Mexico, and Jamaica for years.
  • 30s Tracy consulted at Air Canada [AC] during
    •  the Pilot strike,
    •  the bankruptcy and then
    • the merger with Canadian Airlines.
    •  till a future that worked. Success depends on perseverance. As an award winning Leader in business and in sport she delivers the Limitless Secret!
  • Early 40s Shoppers Drug Mart [SDM] was told no more government pharmacy funding, Tracy provided award winning resolutions to SDM As a Corporate Consultant who is laser focused, hard hitting business coach, her skill set includes building teams that are outperforming stock markets in times of crisis!
  • UBER was told NO you can’t come into Canada. Tracy became a major disruptor, advocated with government which resulted in breaking UBER into Canada. Tracy doesn’t just talk high performance in business…she lives it!
  • Mid 40s Became a World Cup decorated Athlete that Oprah Magazine shared her journey of her Quest for the Gold.
  • The last 12 months Tracy became a TV Show Host, Bestselling Author,  #1 International Speaker and shared the stage with the likes of Jane Fonda, Mark Wahlberg and dozens more! She is also 2017 Premier Award honoured Humanitarian, 2018 Woman of Essence nominee and most recently been seen on CBC, City TV, Global News, NBC, FOX and globally around the world!

Oh, Did I mention she’s a four-way amputee? Her mind blowing story always gets standing ovations pushing audiences out of their limitation zones.Let her charge up your audience, and you will be the hero of your organization for hiring Unstoppable Tracy.

Personal Info & Preferences:

Name: Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt

Country: Canada

Title: #1 International Mega Success Speaker


Give us a brief background of what you do?

I create peak performance by disarming your limiting beliefs to achieve the best version of you and your business; As #1 International Mega Success Speaker in 26 countries Keynotes are the largest part of my business. I am also an award Winning Facilitator for companies in crisis.

What motivated you to launch a business?

My journey as an athlete ended when sailing was cut from Paralympics and I realized my journey to launch a business began.

What made you seek entrepreneurial endeavours rather than traditional one?

Speed of implementation is integral to my core. Being high-performance award-winning in sports, Humanitarian in developing countries, Adventurer, as well as high performance award winning results in businesses like Air Canada, Shoppers Drugmart, Uber I am a fast Mover and Shaker. It was tough to be supervised by others and to make money for others, who are not unstoppably driven and have them reap the efforts of my labour.

What has been some of your greatest successes / achievements?

• #1 International Mega Success Speaker in 26 countries
• Decorated Athlete
• #1 Best Selling Author in Business and Self Help
• Amazon #1 Hot Deal and Mover and Shaker
• Award Winning Facilitator for National companies in crisis
• 2018 International Women of Essence Nominee
• 2017 Life Time Achievement Awarded
• Radio & TV Personality

What has been the hardest part of being an entrepreneur, and what 3 core advice principals will you give entrepreneurs that are wanting to start their own business?

The hardest part is being laser focused working on my business not in it. In order to succeed as an entrepreneur, 1; develop an indomitable spirit, 2; generate conversations that lead to possibilities, and 3; disrupt the so-called norm.

How do you overcome rejection?

Breaking through the barriers life throws up! Perseverance and succeeding in spite of nay-sayers, self-doubt, procrastination, and business pressures. Turn ‘No’ into accepted counter offers, exceed uncertainty, embrace possible and earn independence. Exceed uncertainties with deep capable belief in yourself. For myself even if falling out of boats I kept at it until sailed at World Cups. Embrace possibilities, despite wipe-outs in the trees on ski runs called OMG ‘Oh Me Goodness’ earned a Bronze. No matter what you face, you are never alone. I earned independence hanging of cliffs by sorting out the right life lines. Sort out the right life lines in people you surround yourself with. What you focus on grows! If I can do it, you can do it: no excuses no limits … works in business too.

Are you willing to take risks as an entrepreneur and what was the biggest risk you took and the results of it?

Taking risk is so important! How do you know unless you try? The biggest risk I took was when I invested my down payment for a house, and every last penny and inch on my credit cards for a millionaire coach. The result? I skyrocketed.

How do you stay motivated and what keeps you going?

Everyone is told ‘No’. In sales not wanting to purchase, by their boss for a promotion, by their investors denying funding, by family saying your dreams are unrealistic, by themselves saying ‘you’ll never make it, save yourself the letdown.’ I was faced with ‘No she won’t sit up, No she won’t walk, No she will not partake in in normal activities of daily living. My parents were told best to give her up for adoption. With humour and motivation, you can crush your obstacles and soar to the top! No matter where you are in life, sometimes you just need to be inspired. You are a great leader pushing to drive your inner power. That’s never easy. And sometimes you will feel like you can’t do it anymore, any better, or any other way. Well, in my presentation “Counter Offer No” I help you see that you can conquer your impossible. With a laugh, I help you turn ordinary days into extraordinary today. My mantra is: “If I Can Do It, You Can Do It!” What’s Your Excuse? What keeps me going?No Excuses No Limits!

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