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When it comes to luxury, Safety and sportiveness, the Austrian manufacturer Schöchl is ahead of the game!

This new Long Distance Cruizer is the perfect Sports Luxury Cruizer that can be sailed single handed or with a small crew. Its design takes consideration for high quality, safety, performance and sportiveness.

The Austrian ship builder has a wide range of yacht sizes and over 50 years experience in the industry. Their most sold model S22 is even to be found in countries such as Brazil, Asia and other regions. The S22 is renounded for its unsinkable design as it can not capsize, either. It is a sportive and leasure boat that can cope with low wind while other boats of competitors stay put on the lakes. This design and manufacturing experience has allowed the builder to gradually increase the size of their yachts. The more space you have available the more you can add luxury. That is why the S46.1 is way ahead of its rivals. A cruizer should be fast but not speeding like a Olympic racing boat. At the same time boat owners want to be able to join regattas and not necessarily being the last one to reach the harbour.


We can summarize this as follows: SUNBEAM – the 300% yacht.
 100% easy to use for a short handed crew in all conditions.
100% customized solutions and direct contact to the shipyard.
100% sustainability in terms of quality and choice of materials. 
Yachts built on this concept are called SPORTS LUXURY CRUISER

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