Let’s Talk about healthy hair- Who cares? Every successful entrepreneur does!

By Janine Van Throo

Most of the time, when we think about hair care we think about products we apply to our hair.  And yes, this is only one part and it’s not even the most important one.


You have this piece of land and you decide that you want to make a beautiful flower garden.  Not just any flower garden, but one that stops traffic. One that make people see and realize how a healthy beautiful flower garden should look like.  You want to have the best looking healthy flowers from the neighborhood!

“As a successful entrepreneur, you want to be that flower garden, that is healthy looking and so beautiful that you feel good, look good and that makes you stand out.”


There are 2 ways you can approach this:

The first way is to just sow the seeds into the ground, water them and wait for them to grow. After the seeds have sprouted and transformed into flowers, you of course continue to water them. The flowers you will nourish by adding vitamins to the leaves, the stem and on the ground. Now, be aware that you could put the seeds into the ground without fertilizing and watering it first. And sure, some of the seeds will come out, but they will never be the best flowers you have ever had, will they? They will be weak, and some of them even may dry up and die.

Another way is to prepare the soil, before you put in the seeds into it. You do this by fertilizing the soil. now what does fertilizing means? It means adding the right amount, combination and kind of nutrition to the soil, so that, the seeds can take up and benefit from these nutrition from the start. With the proper nutrition, these seeds will grow into strong healthy flowers.

After feeding the soil, you need to water it. Your plants will need this water as much as the nutrition to grow. After you have carefully prepared the soil (I know I am skipping some steps here) then it is time to plant your seeds. After putting your seeds into your soil, you still need to nurture it, you need to water it from time to time and you need to keep fertilizing it regularly.  After a while, finally all your efforts will become visible to you (and the rest of the world). When your flowers finally start to bloom, you will still need to take care of them.  But since you have set them up for success, simply by giving them the right building blocks to grow, they will be healthy and strong. This means that you will need less effort to keep them strong.

“Imagine this flower garden was your hair, where your body is the soil, your scalp the feeding soil and your hair the flowers. “

This simple principle also applies to your hair!

“Healthy hair care starts from the inside. It starts with giving your body the building blocks it needs.  These building blocks – Nutrition- need to be given in the right amount and in the right combination. “


4 areas to address for healthy hair

There are 4 areas or pillars that need attention in order to get the best results with your hair. And although they can be addressed and/ or focused on separately, you only get the best results when used together.


When it comes to hair care, nutrition is not something we think about.  We often think of shampoos and conditioners, but these are products that should be used as maintenance products. But when and if you really want to grow healthy hair, especially if you are already having hair- or scalp issues, nutrition is where it all should start.

When I talk about nutrition I do not only mean using supplements. To me, it goes a little further than that.  Taking supplements for healthy hair growth is a part of this. But equally important are the things you feed your body to get and maintain a healthy gut. For most people, this is really farfetched. What does your gut have to do with your hair? Well- Everything.

You probably know the saying “a healthy gut is a healthy you”. This is all true.  One way of creating and maintaining a healthy gut is by using probiotics. Probiotics are microorganisms (bacteria) that can prevent or even treat illnesses. They nest in your intestine and force the so called bad bacteria out of your gut. Normally with all the things we eat nowadays, bad bacteria have the ability to sit and rapidly multiply in your body. Your gut is the place where they are situated and where illnesses start.  When you have a gut that is balanced with both “good” and “bad” bacteria, your intestines will have the opportunity to better absorb the nutrients.  When your intestines are able to absorb more nutrients into your bloodstream, your scalp will get more nutrients and this is where people experience that they get a fuller head of hair.

After or parallel to balancing your gut with probiotics, it is very important to give your body the building blocks it needs to create healthy hair. You can do this by having a healthy diet. Unfortunately, the food we eat today does not always contain the right amount of nutrients your body needs to be able to do this. This is where supplements come in.  Taking supplements for healthy hair is not a luxury but a necessity if you want to have strong growing and healthy-looking hair.


We are all becoming more aware of the dangers of using harsh chemical ingredients in our products.  Today, with all the information we have, we deliberate choose to live healthy. Eating healthy and adjusting your lifestyle to get and stay healthy should also reflect in your hair care. This means choosing products that are free from harsh chemical ingredients.  Having knowledge of which ingredients are or can be harmful or have a negative effect on your hair and scalp is crucial.


My experience is that the scalp is – just like nutrition- often being forgotten when it comes to hair care.  The scalp is the place where your hair is “being born”.  It is also the only place where your hair is alive. The scalp is the place where the hair gets it nutrition. It is the place where is being determined if the hair will grow healthy and strong or not. It is the feeding soil of your hair.  As soon as the hair grows out of the scalp it is biological dead material. But before this happens, there is a lot that the scalp is responsible for. It is therefore very important to address the scalp as well when there are certain issues. Scalp care does not only contain using products, but also things like regular massages. Using shampoos specifically for the scalp or even using products to stimulate the blood flow to the scalp.


When I talk about hair, I talk about the outer part of the fiber that grows out of our scalp. The part that we can see and the part that in fact is biologically dead. But although hair is dead material, it is remarkable and have the ability to react to things such as temperature, wind, pH and much more.  Your hair is the result of the nutrition you have or have not been giving to your body, and the way you took care of your scalp.  What normally is being addressed to as hair care, should actually be hair maintenance. Hair care is the sum of all the 4 pillars I just discussed. Nutrition, Ingredients, Scalp care and hair care.

Hair maintenance is about treating the hair with products that will answer to the need of your hair. It is crucial to analyze what it is your hair needs and find the products that address this need. As a hair care specialist for natural & healthy-looking hair, I understand the science behind hair care. Most people buy products because they know someone that uses the products. This is wrong. You should “listen” to your hair, consult with the right specialist, and give it what it needs instead of trying to get someone else’s result.

I believe that in these days, people need to understand how important it is to use a holistic approach when it comes to hair care. It is not about just products, it does not come out of a jar. It is far more than that.

“Hair care is a science. It is a combination of lifestyle, health and chemistry.
It is a marriage between nature and science.”