Kirstie Shapiro

Kistie Shapiro

Kirstie Shapiro (Author)

Kirstie Shapiro lives in the beautiful City of Cambridge UK where she studied Sports Science (Bsc Hons) and did her thesis in Sports Psychology.

She has been a dedicated practitioner of Meditation, Mindfulness and Martial Arts for over 26 years, with her main focus being on the reduction of human suffering.

She is a trained teacher in Meditation in both the Tibetan and Zen traditions and teaches the Mindfulness in Schools (MiSP) curriculum to children and adults across the South East of England. She offers her Adult 8-week mindfulness programs to corporate employees, business people, such as CEOs, entrepreneurs and anybody who seeks balance in their business and life; she offers mediation sessions for individuals and teams and also groups.

In her spare time Kirstie likes to walk her dog and spend quality time with her daughter and mother. Her hobbies include hiking, cycling and travelling.