How to get featured

Because some entrepreneurs are contributing to their local economies and that of other overseas communities, we created this magazine to reach 20 million entrepreneurial people around the world.
This magazine will highlight your entrepreneurial activities to boost yourself and business towards reaching a wider audience.
Unlike traditional magazines you do not have to travel long distances and repeatedly pay high prices each month to keep your feature visible in our online magazine. Besides that, you get from us advice and easy guides to help you brand your profile, compared to what a printed magazine just can’t provide.

Our magazine branding and marketing programs offer a variety of high quality services

Profile featuring

Video Interviews

Biography Copy Writing

High Quality Photography

Professional Video Editing

Professional Video Production

Drone videos excl. flight permits

Stylist coaching (haircut, skin and color coaching)

Advertising slots (banners, half/full page ads)

If you are interested in getting featured then please contact us