Gábor Dobos

(VIP Photographer)

Gábor Dobos is a serial entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Branding Solutions Group, photographer and Co-Founder of Mega Success Expo.

Gábor is a well-known global brand builder who creates fantastic images and films for entrepreneurs, companies, global organizations and A-List celebrities. He believes that professional images and films give you a higher brand credibility. He pays attention to the smallest details because they can change the outcome of your branding image. Gábor travels around to world for his clients to capture their powerful moments which are unrepeatable. He is very passionate about quality and visual imaginary. His motto is: “An image is worth a 1000 words.”

In 2017 with his partner, Gábor founded Mega Success Expo, a business conference that provides unfiltered business knowledge to Eastern Europe.