Design your life for results

By Sue Baumgaertner-Bartsch

Short Biography : Nina Sadlowsky – Life & Health Strategist

Nina Sadlowsky is a Life & Health Strategist supporting individuals to burst inner and outer compulsions that prevent them from breaking free and living the life they truly want to live.

Engaging the three pillars of wellbeing, Nina follow a holistic life & health approach to guide individuals into designing their life for the results they want to see.

Individuals learn with her how to step into the grand power of their true self, how to stop playing small, how to get what they have been denied before and to finally burst all compulsions and limitations to life.

Having studied business administration and having worked in marketing for 10 years, Nina felt the strong urge to break out from the constraints and limitations herself. She didn’t only live in Germany and the UK, but also travelled through 12 countries in Central and South America within six months. Nina’s journey became a journey to herself making her realize that it’s time to stop playing small, that it’s time to stop doing what others want and start doing instead what she wanted, that it’s time to finally give meaning to all the fighting.

She has found her voice to encourage others to break free and to serve them on a highly loving and open-minded level.

With her courage, clarity and openness, Nina has the ability to connect very quickly, to inspire others to become more and to electrify them to push through and to keep growing.

Nina studied with some of the best coaches and inspirers in the world, such as JT Foxx, Christian Bischoff and John Strelecky. Nina’s eBook “Feel Understand Heal #2 – Design your life for results” hit Amazon bestseller in three categories, ‘Personal Transformation’ amongst others. She is a certified Yoga Instructor, a certified NLP practitioner as well as Business Coach & Trainer and speaks German, English and Spanish fluently.

Personal Info & Preferences:

Name & Surname: Nina Sadlowsky
Age: 36
Country: Germany
Title: Life & Health Strategist

1. Give us a brief background of what you do?

I am a Life & Health Strategist, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified NLP Practitioner and Business Coach & Trainer as well as a Wellness Advocate. I support individuals to break open inner and outer compulsions that prevent them from feeling free and happy. Engaging three pillars of wellbeing, I follow a holistic life & health approach and guide individuals into living the life they truly want to live.

I am targeting individuals who have been kept small, who have always been nice and adapted, who have been dependent on others, who have fought hard, but are now ready to break free from any compulsions to design their life for the results they want to see.

2. What are the key factors that got you to where you are today?

My own journey. Since I can remember, I have always been the smallest (physically). In school, university and in my jobs. Following ongoing comments, I started thinking about coping mechanisms. One was ignorance, but I noticed pretty quickly that not expressing myself wasn’t really my way. So, I started counter-arguing, fighting and showing them all that my height is not relevant to the game called life. Over the years, I developed a real strength from within, I was ambitious and I became very perseverant, so that soon I was being called the Ninja fighter. What started as proving to others became proving to myself that I can do whatever I want, whenever I want and wherever I want. I took more and more courageous decisions outside of what was being perceived as the norm and I broke open inner and outer compulsions. Throughout my personal growth journey, which also took me to Latin America for 6 months, combined with yoga, meditation and coaching, I peeled off layers that didn’t serve me anymore. This in return opened up a huge space within me, my energy levels increased, my openness and flexibility towards life intensified and my desires became clearer with every single day. I have kept moving and growing along the way to become the best version that I can be.

3. What is the key thing you want people to know about you?

My ‘Ninaness’ is contagious.

4. What motivated you to launch a business?

FREEDOM. I studied business administration and worked as a marketing manager for 10 years. I studied in Wales, too and lived in London for five years. I have always had a strong desire to live and work internationally and to be as independent as possible, but didn’t really see this put into practice within a corporate company. Thanks to my intense personal growth journey, I found out what I didn’t want to do anymore, which was sitting in an office all day, asking for holidays and playing by the rules of someone else. Once I got clear what I wanted to do, I was ready to launch my business, to do something I truly love every day, to be free and independent and to design the life that I want to live. The biggest motivation however was to support others on their journey to break free and live the life they are destined to live. Has it been easy? No. Would I do it again? Yes.

5. What have been some of your greatest successes/achievements? 

Generally, taking opportunities and developing them further. I had the opportunity to live in London, so I took it. Living and working in the UK was a huge success for me, both personally and professionally. I was exposed to an international audience every single day and it made me realize even stronger that this is my way of living, that I am not meant to be in one place only.

I’ve had the dream to travel through Latin America and when things at my job in London changed, again I saw the opportunity to go travelling for six months. Thought, said, done. This journey brought me closer to myself than I could have ever imagined, it led me into stepping into my power and I realized once again that combining my business with travelling all around the world sparks a strong feeling within me. This realization by itself has been a great and valuable achievement for me.

Again, I was presented the opportunity to interview a celebrity in Los Angeles in front of more than 2,500 successful entrepreneurs from all around the world. What do you think I said? YES, exactly. Interviewing the famous model, actress and entrepreneur Brooke Shields about her definition of success when it comes to life and health has been absolutely incredible and a massive success for me and my business.

6. How do you overcome rejection?

Whenever I feel rejected, I let it sink in and don’t react instantly. When I was younger, I would have reacted at once, but I have found over the years that this is very energy draining and that I am giving away my valuable energy to something else. Instead, I perceive the rejection, I let it sink in, I accept it, I decide (after a few hours or days) whether it is worth reacting, and if so, I do that solely to clear my mind and energy. If not, this means I can start the forgive process. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t been hurt by the rejection, but it enables me to move on and not let my energy be pulled into something that is outside of my control. Also, I reflect a lot to overcome rejection, meaning I change my perspective and evaluate the situation from a meta perspective. This helps me understand what to improve next time to avoid rejection.

7. What is your set of core values and business skills that have helped you in your career?

  • Strength from within: Step into your true self, so that you can develop an immense mental, physical and emotional strength and transfer that onto your life and others.
  • Courage: Have the courage to step out of your own comfort zone and to do things differently than others.
  • Openness: Stay as open-minded as possible, be friendly to everyone, show interest in others, ask questions, stay curious and perceive the world from another perspective.
  • Clarity: Be clear what you want and what you need.
  • Communication: Communicating what is and what you want is key for life, your career and your success. Don’t assume that others know what you want. Tell them! Also, I speak 3 languages fluently which helps with the international environment.


8. What does success mean to you?

Success to me means moving and growing continuously and consistently towards the results that I want to see in my life and to let go of anything that doesn’t serve me any longer. Success means being clear about my vision and the steps to get there in combination with taking action. Success also means that I am the best version of myself, that I am healthy and happy, physically, mentally and emotionally and that I have tools at hand to get me there.