Conversation with Epi Ludvik on Bold Awards

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Epi Ludvik is the Founder at BOLD Awards & Crowdsourcing Week. Bold Awards powerful mission is to recognize top companies, projects and individuals that are seen to be managing their crowd-related projects and initiatives in a way that really powers breakthroughs around the world.

The BOLD Awards 2020 are open for submissions in 12 categories of business until January 11, 2020. A first-round public vote (don’t forget to take part!) will then create shortlists of nominations in each category, and an international panel of judges will assess them to determine the winners.

Take the time to enjoy this episode of the Growth Zone on apple itunes podcast or on spotify or soundcloud. Christian Bartsch asks quite some importnat questions upon which Epi Ludvik provides insights that are relevant to innovative startups.

Check out this episode!

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