Commercial Partners

Our magazine operates free of influence from outside organizations or companies. When we partner with other companies (e.g. Affiliates, Content syndicators, Retailers, Manufacturers, Service Providers, Advertisers, etc.) we do so to make additional services available to our subscribers. Hereby, these services can empower our readers as they navigate a confusing world of business. We do a careful, rigorous, and thorough analysis and screening of all potential partners, and we take great care to ensure that the nature of any relationship with another organization is based on:

  • Full transparency

  • Trusted information

  • Honorable market place practices

  • A unique set of services for consumers

We combine these services with our best-in-class as educational resources to provide entrepreneurs with essential guidance and information, always making clear what is being provided by one of our partners.

Here are a few of our key commercial service partnerships: