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By Sue Baumgaertner-Bartsch

Short Biography : Nizam Chowdhury

I am helping people to analyze and see things differently – in life, work and business!

I am an Entrepreneur, Elderly Independence Specialist, Home Care Industry Expert, Global Public Speaker, and Business and Life Turning Around Strategist.

With decades of experience in developing services for the elderly, people with long-term illnesses, and people with disabilities, together with a clear understanding about the care legislations in the health and social care industry in UK, as well as having a huge network of professional associates allows me to steer my clients in the right direction.

They themselves are able to make the right choices and informed decisions when it matters the most because I am effectively and precisely able to communicate across generations. I am also assisting families about how to improve communication through which they are enjoying a healthier and happier relationship.

As a home care industry expert, I strategically assist organisations with creativity, design, effective management, operations, with workforce training, coaching and personal development.

I am passionate about people and the transformation that I am able to help them with. My ability to listen carefully to understand one’s issues, challenges, situations or circumstances, allows me to contribute meaningfully, and delivering consistent and exceptional results to individuals and businesses.

The above gives me the net result in which I am respected and appreciated by my peers, customers and prospects.


Personal Info & Preferences:

Name:  Nizam Chowdhury
Country: Surrey, UK
Title: Elderly Independence Specialist, Global Public Speaker, Business and Life Turnaround Strategist


 1. Nizam, tell us about your background:

I have studied at the University of Chittagong and achieved a BA (Honor’s) followed by an MA, both in History. I have also studied at South Bank University, London and other leading institutions. Qualifications in management, leadership, charity management and business administration are just a few of my academic accolades.
My extensive career in leadership, strategic planning, corporate organization and funding has benefited many health and social care organizations as well as several others outside these fields.
My input to longer-term assignments with outcomes regularly exceed the original brief that much is obvious.
For more than three decades, I have worked with: Princess Royal Trust; Age UK; Care Quality Commission; Care UK; Financial Services Authority (FSA); UK Police Service; London Boroughs Authorities; National Health Service (NHS); Royal London Hospital/Barts Health NHS Trust, Croydon Health Services NHS Trust, North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust, and St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust.
As an international speaker, coach and a mentor, I have spoken at global events sharing the stage with Hugh Hilton, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, current USA President Donald Trump’s most trusted ex-advisor George Ross, Hollywood Actors John Travolta, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Mark Wahlberg, Rock Stars Gene Simmons and Vanilla Ice at Los Angeles, USA.
From corporate executives to workers ‘on the shop floor’, I effortlessly direct my skills to streamline processes and to unify an organization’s purpose. I accomplish all of this with judicious workforce empathy balanced with a driving force to unite and carry people with me.
A powerful force for good, my mission is to show by example that everyone can create a legacy, not just at work but by carrying these principles into peoples’ homes and families.

2. What are the key factors that got you to where you are today?

Integrity; Positive Mindset; Sheer Focus; Desire; Confidence; Power of Communication; Patience; Adeptness; Compassion; Adaptability; Quick Learning; Relentless Hard Work; Will-to-Win Attitude; Reliability and Loyalty, Investing Time, Energy and Money for Self-Development.

3. What is the key thing you want people to know about you?

I am a results-based Doer. I have also been called “Mr. Dependable” by my clients and peers due to my commitment, efficiency, reliability, and my hardworking nature.

4. What made you seek entrepreneurial endeavors rather than traditional one?

In my last job I was devastated to learn that I would be made redundant. My despair was not at the inevitable loss of income and dramatic change in lifestyle that I would have to overcome, rather a genuine disappointment at losing the job that I loved doing for years.
However, I had no time to feel sorry for myself or procrastinate over what to do next. I was faced with two very different realities: either re-enter an already oversaturated and highly competitive job market; or, embark on the daunting journey of entrepreneurship. I quickly decided that I wanted to pursue the challenges of the latter.
Even though it was something completely foreign to me I was prepared to embrace the learning process and looked forward to the self-discovery this path had to offer. Indeed, I found out that in the world of business and self-employment you must also learn to live by your decisions, be it good or bad.
It is through all of these of successes and failures, together with the wealth of over 25 years’ experience in UK based health and social care, I am more determined than ever to ensure that my true potential is realised.

5. What have been some of your greatest successes/achievements?

  • Have reached the Peak of Ben Nevis, standing at 1,345 meters above sea level (Highest Mountain in the British Isles), in aid of a Charity for People with Learning Disabilities
  • Trekked for 43 kilometers to reach the heights of Machu Picchu, Peru, standing at 2430 meters in aid of a Children Hospital
  • Completed the British 10K run for five consecutive years to help raise valuable funds for various charities, which in return improved the quality of lives of many people around the world
  • Appeared in Mega Success, at LA
  • Spoken at Global Success for All Event in London
  • Spoken at International Women’s Day Event
  • Spoken at International Debating Society Event
  • AWARDS: Nationwide National Charity Award; Age Concern Charter Mark; Investor in People; Investor in Volunteers; National Lottery Funding.
  • Transformation of a Businesswoman (Personal and Business) in the early hours of a freezing morning in London
  • In just 2 and half minutes, I have transformed the life of a Businessman (Personal and Business) in Bangladesh, who is now my business partner and I am his Life and Business Coach.

6. Name key business principles that are of core value to you?

1. Respect 2. Trust 3. Understanding 4. Consistency

7. What has been the hardest part of being an entrepreneur?

Not doing the due diligence; Making some poor choices and wrong decisions.

8. What are the 3 things about entrepreneurship that you experienced that no one told you about?

-You do not always need Capital to start a business;
– Effective Communication is the Key
– Building a Solid Relationship based on Transparency, Compassion, Understanding, Support and Sacrifices

9. What 3 core advice /principles will you give entrepreneurs that are wanting to start their own business?

  • “Stay focused, stay strong and fight for your WHY!”
  • “Don’t hold onto your limiting beliefs; take care of your health and well-being, and create the mindset to ‘Who You’ll Become’!”
  • “Never ever think about quitting on your dreams! There are people out there to guide and support you, if you are focused, a good listener, honest and a reliable person.

10. How do you stay motivated and what keeps you going?

I have My Reasons, my “WHY” which keeps me focused and motivated. And they are:

  • My 4 beautiful children and their happiness.
  • I am driven by results. Therefore I like to visualise my goals, share that and the plans and strategies with the team, taking responsibilities, and leading by example.
  • In making sure that my Customers are getting the WOW Experience – be it for Coaching and Mentoring or Business.
  • I work with and support people of Old Age, so they can enjoy an Independent, Dignified, Comfortable, Happier and Healthier, Fulfilling life.
  • Opportunity in sharing my knowledge, skills and experiences with individuals and groups to unleash their True Potential through proper coaching and mentoring.
  • Facing up with and then overcoming life challenges whilst coming up with innovative ideas to improve lives.
  • I want to play my part, contribute and influence positively in making this World a safe, comfortable and a happier place for all of us.