The story behind Dachshund Couture: From Bavaria to international dog chic

By Sue Baumgaertner-Bartsch

My love for dogs started many years ago. What I noticed with my dogs however was that I could just not find the right coat that matches their body shapes. You have to imagine that Dachshunds have a very special body shape and they need a much longer coats than other dogs. My approach has always been that whenever a problem arises, there is a solution that is needed. I finally decided that I will no longer tolerate the weird coat shapes, colours and cheap fabrics but start creating a coat that perfectly matches the Dachs dog shape.

Be enthusiastic about your business but keep a watchful eye on the road ahead

By Christian Bartsch

  Business Info & Preferences: Name of the business: Telemedia Interactive GmbH Business Owners: Andreas Gnam  and Eva Gnam Website:   1. What is your business all about? Telemedia Interactive GmbH is a Service provider for interactive phone services and direct response services. Interactive phone services are text messaging, phone voting, voice personal messaging, Mobile entertaining…