The mindset of success: Tip 2 Change your map

By Erwin Wils

This means everyone has their own version of the same reality, or their own map of the same area. All information you’re receiving every second gets filtered, tested against your own values, beliefs, experiences and eventually a small part of that input gets through to your consciousness. Each second, we’re receiving at least 11 million stimuli that our subconscious processes. On average, only 60 stimuli get through to our conscious, and those 60 we use to build our reality. So, what you see is not the real; it’s your interpretation of the real.

Business cycles and how to deal with

By Raluca Gomeaja

Like most things in life, in business or entrepreneurial journey things may come in waves. It may happen all in the same time a lot of clients, a lot of projects, a lot of results, and profits which some of what may be called good times or bad times: few to no clients, few to no projects, no profits.

How to Deal with Anxiety in an ever increasingly Complex World

By Kirstie Shapiro

Anxiety is usually crated when we project into the future and our imagination doesn’t make the future look that enticing! I suggest make a list of things you can control and or influence and a list of things you can do nothing about. With the list of things you can do nothing about right now, put it in the bottom drawer of your desk and forget about them. For the list you can do something about or influence then make a flow chart with actions you can begin taking now. Live in this moment, for your tomorrow’s are made up of each moment we live now.

The Choice and Responsibility of Integrity

By Kirstie Shapiro

Living with integrity and being accountable for your actions is key to being in business and living in Joy and Happiness. When I speak of integrity what I am really referring to is an internal unification, a consistency within the choosing of Happiness over anything else. Opting for Happiness, contentedness and kindness is a decision that is available to us at any time, that needs to be remade continually at every twist and turn of life.

About Mindset, Awareness and Happiness

By Kirstie Shapiro

According to The UK Health & Safety Executive Report: “One in four people in the UK will have a mental health problem at some point. While mental health problems are common, most are mild, tend to be short-term and are normally successfully treated, with medication, by a GP”. One in four is a large number…

Skills for Living and Choosing Happiness

By Kirstie Shapiro

It is quoted that John Lennon when asked in school by his teacher what he wanted to be when he grew up, his reply was “Happy”. Isn’t that what we all truly want beneath all the facades of power, ownership, consumerism and domination, we all think that those things will bring us happiness. That somehow,…