The mindset of success: Tip 2 Change your map

By Erwin Wils

This means everyone has their own version of the same reality, or their own map of the same area. All information you’re receiving every second gets filtered, tested against your own values, beliefs, experiences and eventually a small part of that input gets through to your consciousness. Each second, we’re receiving at least 11 million stimuli that our subconscious processes. On average, only 60 stimuli get through to our conscious, and those 60 we use to build our reality. So, what you see is not the real; it’s your interpretation of the real.

Kornelia Müller – Accelerate your success with mindfulness

By Sue Baumgaertner-Bartsch

Short Biography : Kornelia Mülle Kornelia Müller is a mentor, leadership- and high- performance coach. She accompanies people on their way to allow themselves to let go of their limitations. She gives Workshops on topics such as “Mindfulness”, “Higher Consciousness and Awareness” and works internationally. She helps people to understand the interrelations of their life…

The story behind Dachshund Couture: From Bavaria to international dog chic

By Sue Baumgaertner-Bartsch

My love for dogs started many years ago. What I noticed with my dogs however was that I could just not find the right coat that matches their body shapes. You have to imagine that Dachshunds have a very special body shape and they need a much longer coats than other dogs. My approach has always been that whenever a problem arises, there is a solution that is needed. I finally decided that I will no longer tolerate the weird coat shapes, colours and cheap fabrics but start creating a coat that perfectly matches the Dachs dog shape.

Andrea Beil

By Sue Baumgaertner-Bartsch

Her passion to help people uncover their hidden barriers, creating their breakthroughs and support them to integrate the new insights into their system is her driving force. Andrea deeply believes, that every person has the ability to create a life they desire and deserve a unique solution.
Your mindset defines your success!