How Custom Software Investments Increase Enterprise Value

By Sam Schutte

We live in a changed world, where no product can stand alone as a physical item. Intangibly wrapped and layered into every product – be it chemicals, food, or iPhones – are the services provided to customers by a company, and the software, processes, and tools those producers use to help their customers achieve an end result.

Building Unicorns in times of Covid

By Brian Mac Mahon

After living in many countries abroad, Brian has noticed that there is always an elite group of people who dominate specific industries. The venture capital space is no different. Most of the investments go into very few privileged founders who are very well connected and seldomly to the best entrepreneurs. The excessive number of investments into these founders pushes everyone else out of the market, discouraging many entrepreneurs and new products from entering the market.

How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting the Legal Sector Today

By Joel Cole

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technological innovation that has transformed various industries — and the legal sector is no exception. The European Commission has encouraged the development of AI by increasing its annual investments by 70%, leading to €1.5 billion in total investments for the period of 2018-2020. Such a move is encouraging legal firms all across Europe to adopt AI into their practices, but how exactly does the technology benefit them? With all the anxiety over AI potentially making human workers obsolete, this article will outline the benefits of AI adoption for legal firms, and how it won’t take over jobs — but instead, make them better and easier.

Part 10: Application Programming Interface (API) – Interaction to Create Connectivity

By Yasemin Yazan

In the interest of a better understanding, I don’t want to use any textbook definitions of the term Application Programming Interface, abbreviated API. And even if there are different kind of APIs, they all have one thing in common: An API is an interface that enables the interaction between applications, data and devices to create connectivity. In this sense an API is a messenger that takes a request and tells a system what you want to do and then returns the response back to you. Let’s use an example to illustrate what is meant and how it works: