How Custom Software Investments Increase Enterprise Value

By Sam Schutte

We live in a changed world, where no product can stand alone as a physical item. Intangibly wrapped and layered into every product – be it chemicals, food, or iPhones – are the services provided to customers by a company, and the software, processes, and tools those producers use to help their customers achieve an end result.

The New Covid-19 Reality – Facilitating Business Workshops on-line

By Dori Sella

Workshops are different from a regular webinar and even an on-line training in that by definition (work-shop) the participants are expected to work and participate. In fact, the content they bring to the session is significant to the success of the entire workshop.

After facilitating a few on-line workshops I have some insights and best practices that can be  useful to anyone conducting on-line meetings with a focus on facilitating on-line workshops.

Why your morning routines are the mirror of your leadership skills

By Catherine Prohaska

As entrepreneurs we are on a permanent highway of getting things done, using momentum, catching up with partners, holding meetings, making calls. It’s all about speed of implementation, getting projects to fly on the path to success. Some days might be slower than others, some have larger challenges than others. You take care of everything and everyone, follow your vision, keeping focused on business goals. While being absorbed by all these responsibilities, you often forget about yourself. Here is the difference between the leaders who bring their vision to life are true role models for generations and the ones that pop up for a short while, pretending to handle everything, only to disappear again, not leaving a true legacy.

Don’t Make The Burgers!

By Mona Tenjo

One of the best known authors of financial literacy, Robert Kiyosaki, described in his book “Cashflow Quadrant”, what the main difference between a self-employed person and a business owner is: The self-employed person trades his time against money while the business owner creates systems and processes to continuously generate income detached from their personal time.

Plan or Fail to Plan – Business Strategy to Success

By Mona Tenjo

Manage Your Tasks Like A President US-President Dwight D. Eisenhower was a five-star general in World War II and elected 34th president of the United States of America. Being very familiar with commanding structures, orders and discipline, he also was known for creating the so-called “Eisenhower matrix”, a task management system that helps organizing tasks…

Plan or Fail to Plan – Business Strategy to Success

By Mona Tenjo

Everything requires strategies to succeed. Ever thought about this? Each game has rules and usually, there are several different strategies to victory, often depending on the game you play. What does this have to do with business? Business is a kind of game as well. You can think of it as a multi-player game with…