How Custom Software Investments Increase Enterprise Value

By Sam Schutte

We live in a changed world, where no product can stand alone as a physical item. Intangibly wrapped and layered into every product – be it chemicals, food, or iPhones – are the services provided to customers by a company, and the software, processes, and tools those producers use to help their customers achieve an end result.

Building Unicorns in times of Covid

By Brian Mac Mahon

After living in many countries abroad, Brian has noticed that there is always an elite group of people who dominate specific industries. The venture capital space is no different. Most of the investments go into very few privileged founders who are very well connected and seldomly to the best entrepreneurs. The excessive number of investments into these founders pushes everyone else out of the market, discouraging many entrepreneurs and new products from entering the market.

Property Sourcing Profits: Your 5-step Guide

By John Stokoe

Once you’ve identified your target area, you can turn your attention to finding, negotiating and securing property deals. There are a number of different ways to identify and acquire property but let’s start with the most obvious – Estate Agents.

10 Of The Most Expensive Cities In The World

By John Stokoe

Some cities that are more expensive to live in than others and in general, properties in cities are more expensive per square meter than those in rural areas. There are different ways of calculating how expensive the property may be so to simplify it on a global scale I have used the price of property per square meter.