Be enthusiastic about your business but keep a watchful eye on the road ahead

By Christian Bartsch


Business Info & Preferences:

Name of the business: Telemedia Interactive GmbH
Business Owners: Andreas Gnam  and Eva Gnam


1. What is your business all about?

Telemedia Interactive GmbH is a Service provider for interactive phone services and direct response services. Interactive phone services are text messaging, phone voting, voice personal messaging, Mobile entertaining and many other services.

2. How did you get your idea or concept for your business?

My company was founded in 1997. In 2000 I took over as owner and CEO of the company. Together with my wife we have been growing the business. Our passion for what we do drives our business and helps us grow.

3. What is your vision with this business?

As a niche provider of marketing services we are growing in the German Newspaper price winning games market. Our activities in Hungary are a proof that underestimated countries offer entrepreneurs great opportunities to be profitable and create jobs at the same time. As a member of the German Entrepreneurs Association “Die Familienunternehmer” (formerly known as ASU/BJU; I thrive to expand my businesses whilst creating sustainable jobs in Germany and Hungary.

4. What is unique about your business?

Our innovative approach to providing great value to our media customers allows us to grow year by year. The ability to develop new opportunities in the media and health section has opened new niches for us. Since 2009 we specialize in the field of Advertising for national and international dentistry clinics.

5. What do you need to succeed in business?

Every day we move fast. Our train of thought is motivated by our speed of implementation. We are full steam ahead and are enjoying a sustainable growth. Our staff is highly motivated as they are led by an energetic leader.

6. How do you find the right people to work for you and what are your strategies to hire them?

We find people by recommendation. The core business culture is driven by results. Those who are willing to be enthusiastic and drive the business forward will lead by example. We motivate people to do whatever it takes, doing their best is not enough to deliver the high quality and speed our clients expect from us.

7. What is your view on partnerships and working together with others to succeed in business?

It is great to do business with others. Partnerships are a great facilitator of new opportunities. Nevertheless, you need to keep a watchful eye as betrayal and disloyalty is an accompanying risk.

8. People who start a business or grow their business often wonder “How do I know if we have the right people?” What advice do you give them?

Give them a chance to prove themselves. Nevertheless, if your gut feeling tells you at the beginning it will not fit, make a decision whether you really want to hire them. Tell them from the beginning what you expect from them. Then they cannot complain and fill the air with excuses. If people start messing up things, be decisive and take action. Either correct their path or let them go a separate path without your business as otherwise they will hurt your business in the long run.

9. What is one piece of advice to someone just starting about to launch a business, what would it be?

Focus on getting the right clients. Keep your costs under control and do not believe the promises of crazy fortune, as nothing comes without a price. Nothing is for free. There will be many people trying to empty your bank account but will not deliver value to your business. Keep your path free of obstacles!